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40-inch Portable Projector Screen
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怐Portable & Mobile Projection怑 Ultralight and compact freestanding projection screen designed for mobile tabletop projection. The perfect Projector Pal for travel, camping, business presentations, school meetings, and on-the-go use.

怐Premium Viewing怑The max white fabric screen features a multi-layer fabric with 1.1 gain to enhance your viewing experience. Compatible with 4K, 3D projection with a smooth surface, the all-black back reduces light penetration for a sharp image.

怐Retractable & Compact Design怑the projection screen can be easily pulled out from its compact aluminum case and set up or retract in seconds. You can put the projection screen into the carrying case in seconds for convenient transportation.

怐Hassle-free setup怑Just pull up the screen and hang it on the pole to start projection; no need to drill on the wall; the rotating stand feet give your screen extra security and stability.

怐Versatile placement怑Place the screen on any apartment surface or table - the perfect solution for camping movie nights, indoor movie nights, school meetings, and business presentations in the classroom or office.

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Carry On-the-GO

Carry On-the-GO

With a retractable design and 3.65 Pounds weight, the WEMAX P40 portable projector screen is easy to carry on the go. The aluminum carrying casing protects the screen during transport and storage. Perfect for outdoor movies and more

4K UHD Ready

4K UHD Ready

The WEMAX P40 portable projector screen has multi-layer weave fabric and provides a 1.1 gain and 90Ā° viewing angle to create an optimal viewing experience. The black material backing reduces light penetration for enhanced image projection. Compatible with 4K, 3D projection

Care for Your Eyes

Care for Your Eyes

The WEMAX P40 projector screen features diffuse light reflection meaning the ray incident is scattered at many angles rather than just one angle, thus reducing eyestrain for long-term watching sessions, caring for your eyes


WEMAX 40-inch Portable Projector Screen






Net Weight

3.65 Pounds


Maxwhite Fabric,Aluminum

Product dimensions

50.7 x 5.3 x 3.9 inches

Viewing Angle

90 Degree

Aspect Ratio


Peak Gain Value


Projection Area

19.6 x 34.8 inches

Operating temperature


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