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PS101 Lightweight Tripod Stand, Compact, Aluminum Alloy


Key Features

【Protable and Foldable】WEWATCH Tripod Stand is made of aluminium alloy with a compact design, it's adjustable from 8.5”*1.2" to 12"*9.2", only 200g weight.

【Universal Mount】A standard 1/4 mounting screw ensures compatibility with any projectors, cameras and mobile phones. 

【360 Degree Panorama Shooting and Projecting】360 Panorama and Ball Joint with One-direction 90° Up/Down Adjustable give you the best flexibility to shoot and project at ease. 

【Not Just for Shooting】It's not just for shooting like landscape shooting, night shooting, and micro shooting with cellphones, IP cameras and cameras, but also available for different projectors like portable laser projectors, portable LED projectors. 

【What's in the box】1pc Tripod, 1pc Handle, 1pc PE Package, 1pc User Manual, which is printed in the package.



  1. Maximum Length after Shrinking: 217±5mm
  2. Maximum Length after Stretched: 305±10mm
  3. Product Diameter: 30.8±1mm
  4. Product weight is less than 200g
  5. Waterproof requirements: NO
  6. Material requirements: ROHS
  7. Working temperature: -10℃~50℃

What's in the box:
1 x Tripod
1 x PE Package
1 x User Manual


PS101 Lightweight Tripod Stand, Compact, Aluminum Alloy