FAQ Nova Support: Image & Display


What is the display size of the viewing area?

The recommended projection viewing area size is between 80–150 inches.

What if my projector sits on a surface that isn't 100% level?

One of the many great features of the WEMAX Nova is that it performs keystone correction at either 4-point or 8-point calibration. Use the keystone correction to create the display that fits your space or screen.

To adjust the keystone, go to Settings, Image, Keystone Correction. Use 4-Point for larger angle corrections. Use 8-Point for precision picture adjustments.

How do I reset the keystone correction back to the default?

Go to Settings, Image, Keystone Correction. Select Reset.

How do I flip, invert, or modify the orientation of the display for mounting or other uses?

Go to Settings, Image, Projection Method. Choose from the 4 options based on front or rear for both desktop placement or ceiling mounts.

How do I access/adjust the image modes?

From Settings, go to Images, Image Mode, and then choose from the options or create a custom setting in User Mode.

How do I access/adjust the brightness modes?

From Settings, go to Images, Brightness Mode, and then choose from the options View Mode or Highlight Mode.

How do I manage the Screen Saver setting?

Go to Settings, Device Preferences, Screen Saver, then from there you can modify the type, time to start, sleep settings, and manually start the Screen Saver.

Where should I place the WEMAX Nova in order to achieve my desired screen size?

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