Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does it support Netflix?

Yes, Nova comes with Android TV 9.0 and can download the Netflix TV version from third-party app stores such as Aptoide and Emotn Store. However, the built-in Google Play Store does not support Netflix downloads. To install Netflix, please download an app store installation package from tv.aptoide.com or https://app.emotn.com and install it on Nova using a USB flash drive. Once installed, you can search for the Netflix TV version in the app store and download it.

Q2. Does it support Dolby Audio?

Yes. It has 30W Dolby Audio & DTS-HD speakers (10W x 2 full range, 5W x 2 tweeters) to produce powerful bass and clear high tones. 

Q3. How many languages does it support?

WEMAX Nova supports 52 languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and more. For a complete list of supported languages, please contact our customer service.

Q4. Does it support 3D?

No, but it can play your 3D movie.

Q5. Can I set a timer for the projector to shut down?

No, it is not possible to shut down Nova by setting a timer.

Q6. How many built-in speakers does it have?

The projector has four high-quality built-in speakers with a total output of about 30 W. 

Q7. What is the frame rate and refresh rate for 4K?

At 4K resolution, the highest refresh rate supported is 60Hz, and the highest supported playback frame rate for 4K videos is 60 frames per second (60FPS).

Q8. What is the resolution? Is it native 4K?

The Nova has a resolution of 3840x2160. Although its DMD chip has a native resolution of 1920x1080 with a 0.47" size, the XPR technology allows the chip to shift rapidly while in operation, resulting in a 4K resolution display.

Q9. Does the projector have an RJ45 Ethernet port?

Yes. Nova has one Ethernet port.

Q10. How many HDMI ports are there? Does it have ARC HDMI?

Nova is built with three HDMI ports: 2 x HDMI and 1 x HDMI ARC ( audio return channel)

Q11. What is the projection distance and size of the projector?

With an ultra short throw ratio of 0.233:1, Nova can be placed merely inches away and produce a screen size much larger than average TV. Here are some references for screen size and distance between projector and the wall/screen:






Q12. Can it be mounted? Can it be installed on the ceiling?

 Yes. Nova has four threaded holes on the bottom for a bracket and the option to flip the image, so it can be ceiling mounted. (Screw Type: Non self-tapping screw M4-0.7 × 10 mm ) Please rememeber that a dedicated UST ALR screen needs to be flipped upside-down as well, in order for that to work optimally. Please refer to the user manual for more mounting guides.

Q13. What is the power consumption of the projector? What is the voltage and wattage?

100-120/200-240V~ 3/2.5A 50/60Hz; Rated Power: 300W

Q14. What is the 4K latency rate? How to minimize input lag for gaming?

The input delay rate is approximately 120ms as tested. If you want to reduce input lag while gaming through an HDMI connection, try these suggestions:

Change the image mode to game mode .

Lower the output resolution of your gaming device to 1920x1080.

Turn off the HDMI 2.0 switch by following these steps:

a) Connect your device (PC, PS, Switch, XBOX, etc.) to the projector.

b) Switch the signal source to the corresponding port.

c) Wait for the screen to display normally.

d) Long press the OK button on the remote control to bring up the menu.

e) Go to Setting > HDMI 2.0 > Switch off.

Q15. What is the operating system of the projector? Does it support Google Play Store?

The operating system of the projector is Android TV OS, and it supports Google Play Store.

Q16. How do I install an app? 

To install an app, try the following 3 methods:

Log in to your Google account, search and install apps within the pre-installed Google Play Store.

Install third-party app stores, search and install apps within the store.

Download the APK file and install locally from a USB flash drive.

Note: Some apps may have compatibility issues.

Q17. How do I set the language? 

Go to Setting > Device Preference > Language > Select Language.

Q18. How do I change the sound settings? 

Go to Setting > Device Preference > Sound. From there, you can adjust sound output, digital output, Dolby sound and system sound.

Q19. How do I switch signal sources?

There are two methods to switch the input source:

Go to the Launch Board and select Inputs to change the signal source.

Go to the main interface and select Inputs to change the signal source.

Q20. How do I adjust the image size? 

To adjust the image size, move the projector closer or further away from the screen or wall. Moving the projector closer to the screen will make the image smaller, while moving it farther away will make the image larger.

Q21. How do I use Google Assistant? 

After logging in to your Google account, press the Assistant button on the remote to activate.

Q22. How do I pair the remote control? 

To pair the remote control, follow these steps:

1. Install batteries into the remote control.

2. Turn on the projector.

3. Hold the remote control within 10cm of the projector.

4. Press and hold the Home and APP buttons.

5. Release the buttons when you hear a beep sound.

The remote control has now been paired successfully with the projector.

Q23. How do I enable game mode? 

1. Connect your device (PC, PS, Switch, XBOX, etc.)

2. Switch the corresponding signal source

3. Wait for the screen to display normally

4. Long press the OK button on the remote control to bring up the menu

5. Go to Setting > Image > Image mode > Game mode.

Both game mode and monitor mode require the device to be connected before they can be switched

Q24. How do I adjust the image mode and contrast?

Go to Setting > Image > Image mode. There are six modes to choose from: Standard, Movie, Sports, Vivid, Child, and User. Different image modes have different contrast levels. In User mode, you can customize the image parameters.

Q25. How do I adjust the brightness? 

Go to Setting > Image > Brightness mode. There are Highlight Mode and View Mode for selection.

Q26. How do I check the storage space? 

Go to Setting > Device Preference > Storage > Internal shared storage

Q27. How do I clear the cache of an app? 

Go to Setting > Apps > See all apps > Choose the corresponding app > Clear cache

Q28. How do I connect to WiFi? 

Go to Setting > Network&Internet > Choose the corresponding WiFi > Enter the password and connect successfully.

Q29. How do I connect to Bluetooth?

Before connecting a Bluetooth device, make sure the device is in pairing mode.

Go to Remote & accessories > Add accessory > Select the corresponding device for pairing > Connect successfully.

Q30. How to connect a phone? 

Try the following two ways to connect a phone:

Nova has built-in Chromecast, which supports Chromecast screen mirroring for mainstream streaming media.

Download Airscreen from Google Play Store, and after connecting the phone and the projector to the same Wi-Fi network, it supports Airplay, Cast, DLNA, and more.

Q31. What should I do if the image focus is uneven? How do I adjust the focus?

Make sure the projector is placed directly in front of the screen. Go to Setting > Projector > Focus > Use the left and right buttons to adjust the focus until the image is clear and evenly focused.

Q32. How do I reset the keystone correction to default?

 Go to Setting > Projector > Keystone correction > Reset

Q33. Why does the image on the screen appear curved or wavy?

Nova is an ultra short throw laser projector that is highly sensitive to the flatness of the surface it's projecting onto. If the wall is uneven, the image may appear curved or wavy. Before setting up your home theater, please make sure that the wall is flat and smooth. To ensure the best image quality, we recommend using a dedicated fixed frame, taut screen like the WEMAX PSA01 ALR Screen.

Q34. How do I sync the Apps from my Google account to this device?

When you activate and log in to your Google account for the first time during the initial setup, there will be a setting step that suggests you to install the apps that you have previously installed and are suitable for Android TV on this Google account. Selecting "Agree" will sync the apps.

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