FAQ Nova Support: Device Preferences


How do I change the language? 

Go to Settings, Device Preferences, Language. 

How do I change the sound settings?

Go to Settings, Device Preferences, Sound, then you can change the Dolby Sound mode or mute the System Sounds. 

How do I change the list of app feeds on the default Home Screen?

From the home screen, move the cursor to the left column of app icons, then move the cursor left to show the move/delete apps tool and customize accordingly. 

How do I change the default order in the Apps menu?

Move the cursor over the app and hold the select button for a few seconds to display the menu of options.

What other things can I customize on my user interface?

Visit our tutorial and video how-to at https://wemax.com/blogs/tutorials/customize-your-home-screen

How do I turn on/off Google SafeSearch?

Go to Settings, Device Preferences, Google, then enable/disable the SafeSearch filter. 

How do I allow/block offensive words from Google Search? Go to Settings, Device Preferences, then enable/disable the Block Offensive Words button. 


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