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Stand Projector Screen FAQs

1. What is a stand projector screen and how does it work?
Stand projector screen usually has two legs that hold it up like flags or banners used for a march-past. Simply open it and stand it on the two legs, and your screen is ready for use. For added stability, the stand can be weighted by sand bag or water bag.
2. What are the advantages of using a stand projector screen over a wall-mounted screen?
One of the biggest advantages of using a portable stand projector screen is its portability. Unlike a wall-mounted screen, which is fixed in one location, a stand projector screen can be easily moved and used in different locations, such as in the backyard, at a camping trip, or at the beach. It can reflect light just as effectively as a fixed screen, and is often more affordable than wall-mounted screens. Additionally, stand projector screens are typically easy to set up and take down, making them a convenient option for those who need a screen on-the-go.
3. How do I set up a stand projector screen?

The setup process for a stand projector screen may vary depending on the specific model you have purchased. In general, you will need to first set up the stand itself, and then attach the screen cloth to it. Some stand projector screens may also include additional features, such as tether cords to help secure the screen in outdoor settings, or water bags at the bottom to add weight and increase stability. We recommend referring to the instructions provided by the manufacturer for specific guidance on setting up your particular stand projector screen.
4. What sizes are available for the Wemax stand projector screen?
Wemax currently offers two sizes for their stand projector screen: 100 inches and 120 inches. Both sizes are portable and designed to offer good light rejection for clear image projection. We periodically offer promotional campaigns that provide the best prices to our customers. Please stay tuned to our website for updates on these campaigns.
5. What are the different types of stand projector screens available in the market?
Generally speaking, stand projector screens can be divided into two categories: Double-stand projector screens and tripod projector screens. Although they differ in construction, both types of screens offer portability and stability for your projection.
6. What is the best material for a stand projector screen?
The best material for a stand projection screen is definitely white blackout fabric, as it absorbs light while providing a bright and vivid image - making it the ideal surface for projection. Plus, it is also lightweight, and afforable for portable projector screens.

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