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Buy Dice, Get 120" Portable Screen with Stand and Tripod for Free

  • 【700 ANSI Lumens & 1080P FHD/Remarkable Clarity】 An advanced DLP lamp brings stunning FHD entertainment at a bright 700 ANSI lumens. Enjoy vivid colors on the giant 100-inch screen size.
  • 【4 Points Keystone Correction/Angles Never Bother You】 Just put DICE at any angle, the patented Smart keystone correction will adjust the projected screen up to 40+ degrees both vertically and horizontally to give you the best viewing experience.
  • 【Dolby Audio/Theater-Like Audio】 Dolby Digital Plus works together with the 2x3W speaker to produce immersive audio that fills any room.
  • 【Light up your Journey/Portable Theater】 The DICE is a genuinely portable projector for outdoor movies that can run off the rechargeable battery for the length of one or two films. Great for evening screenings outdoors.
  • 【Build-in Android 9.0 TV/Non-stop Entertainment】 Download apps directly to the projector from Google Play, including YouTube, Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, and more. You can also wirelessly mirror your phone's screen to the projector.


4.0/5 Star
"Wemax Dice is a solid, robust, and good projector. What you lose in brightness compared to other, larger projectors, you gain in battery-powered portability."

Ben's Bargains

Overall Grade: 8/10
"If you are looking for a compact, bright projector for travel, the WEMAX DICE should be at the top of your shopping list. It’s a user friendly projector that’s easy to get up and running, plays pretty much anything you can throw at it, gives you maximum flexibility in where you can use it"

Wirecutter|The New York Times

"We’re keeping an eye on the Wemax Dice portable smart projector. Like the MoGo Pro, this model is a 1080p projector with a built-in battery, the Android TV OS, and Bluetooth—and it has a much higher claimed brightness of 700 ANSI lumens. "

Endless Entertainment

Watching the news? Close the night with that show or movie that you really want to see? Or just that YouTube tutorial? With built-in Android TV, you’ll have access to a world of possibilites.

And thanks to the 16GB internal memory, they can even put away several videos and photos to remember at any time.

700 ANSI Lumens

1080P Resolution

Dolby Speakers

Easy to Carry

Would you like to take your projector to a vacation home, to a presentation to impress others, or simply for a gaming session anywhere? With the Wemax Dice, those problems are solved.

Given its size -  6.1 x 4.9 x 6.3 inches -, weight - only 4.8lb - and leather grip, you won't need the original case. Just pick it up... and go. Yes, you can even carry it in your backpack!

Basically, it's cinema... wherever you want. 

Brilliant Picture Quality

It is often said that big things come in small packages. And indeed, considering its size, the Wemax Dice is nothing short of phenomenal.

With 1080p resolution and 700 lm ANSI brightness, the lack of quality will never be an issue. Quite the opposite.

Not only can it project an image up to 120 inches, making it a home theater with a simple device, but the Wemax Dice has brilliant image quality, with vivid colors and rich details.

Multi Device Connectivity Options

The Wemax Dice has Chromecast, which means you can stream content from your mobile devices.

It is also Bluetooth compatible, which means that you can connect any audio device, such as speakers, sound bars, or earphones/headphones.

In terms of inputs, it has an HDMI input on the back, a USB 2.0 port and a 3.5mm audio jack port.

Doubles As a Power Bank

A portable projector that is not only a powerbank, but has a battery to run without being plugged in? Yes, that's how the Wemax Dice works.

In emergencies, in those situations where you have forgotten your charger, the Wemax Dice functions as an emergency powerbank. Just plug the cable into your smartphone and the USB 2.0 port. Magic is made.

Its incredible 16000mAh battery also serves to allow it to work anywhere, without cables. Just plug it in and see what you want. With a full battery, you can use the projector for up to three hours non-stop.

More Reasons to Love this Portable Projector

Place It Anywhere, Ready to Go

You can take it anywhere - as long as there is a minimally flat surface somewhere. The Wemax Dice is the ideal travel companion, not only because it has an autofocus function, ensuring the best possible quality, but its 4-point correction keeps the screen centered from a viewing angle of up to 45°. Yes, there is no room for crooked images here.

Sleek, Eye-Catching Design with Awesome Sound

The Wemax Dice may even be a projector, but it passes perfectly as a decorative piece. Its cube shape, along with its gray color, gives it that touch of sobriety and elegance. No one will be indifferent to this product. Don't have an audio device to connect to Wemax Dice? No problem. The integrated 10W speakers ensure excellent audio quality, with rich and expansive audio.

Watch Thousands of Shows

The fact that it has Android TV 9.0 ensures that the Wemax Dice will never leave you without content options. Compatible with the most popular streaming video apps, you will have access to millions of hours of TV shows, movies, documentaries, and even podcasts. Anytime, anywhere. With Wemax Dice, the options are unlimited.

Buy Dice, Get 120" Portable Screen with Stand and Tripod for Free