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Wemax 100-inch Rollable Ultra Short Throw CLR Fixed Frame Screen


Main Features

100-inch Diagonal, 16: 9 Aspect Ratio. View Size: 49" H x 87.2" W. Overall Size: 49.8" H x 88" W x 0.98" D. Sleek EDGE FREE Design Enhances Your Viewing Experience with its Zero Edge.

Ceiling Screen Material, Ceiling Light Rejecting Material (CLR) with a 90% rejection ratio and features a 160° Viewing Angle with 0.6 Gain. It is best for family rooms, educational facilities, conference rooms, or any applications.

0.6 Gain acoustic black screen surface with an exceptionally wide viewing angle brings no resolution loss at any viewing angle. 

8K/4K Ultra HD and Active 3D Ready. Rejects 90% of Ceiling Light while

enhancing Contrast 100X Compared to Standard Matte White Screens. A permanently tensioned fixed aluminum frame screen is easy to assemble and provides a flat and taut, wrinkle-free projection surface.

Video Tutorial

How to Assemble/Install Wemax 100-inch Rollable Ultra Short Throw ALR Screen


  1. Product name: WEMAX 100-inch Rollable Ultra-short CLR Screen
  2. Model: PSA01
  3. Colour: Black
  4. Net Weight: 10.1kg for 100-inch screen
  5. Material: Aluminum
  6. Product dimensions: 87.9×49.8×0.98inch
  7. Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  8. Peak Gain Value: 0.6
  9. Ceiling Light Rejection Rate: ≥90%
  10. Viewing Angle: 160°
  11. Projection Area: 2214×1245mm
  12. Operating temperature: -20°C~60°C

What's in the Box

WEMAX 100-inch Rollable Ultra-short CLR Screen ×1,

Aluminum Frame ×3, 

Installation kit ×1 

User Manual x1, Download the PDF file here>>>

Shipping, Return and Warranty 

Shipping and Return Policy:

Warranty Policy:

WEMAX 100-inch Rollable Ultra-short ALR Screen

Pair your ultra-short throw projectors with WMAX 100-inch fixed frame ambient light rejecting screen to create a great cinema right at your home. The screen blocks 90% ambient light to give you an ultra-clear picture without the hot-spot that comes with a traditional screen.

100-inch 16:9 for Home Theater, Movie and Office Presentations

With a screen gain of more than 40% and up to 160° wide viewing angle, the WEMAX 100-inch Ambient Light Rejecting Screen gives you a clear, bright image with deep contrast regardless of which seat you are sitting in.

Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) Projector Screen

Compared with an ordinary matt white screen, the Ambient Light Rejecting screen from WEMAX rejects environment light from 90% to give you bright and deep contrast image. Enjoy your favorite movies or shows even in a well-lit room, and without blocking your curtains.

WEMAX ALR technology allows the projector’s light to reflect back at the mirror opposite end. This greatly reduces the amount of light scatter and instead focuses the light to the viewer’s sweet spot. In addition, the black microscopic layers improve black levels and color purity to increase the contrast ratio vs a matte white screen material.

Durable & Easy to Maintain

The newly upgraded screen material is easy to clean and maintain. Gently wipe it with a lightly moistened soft cloth, no additional detergent is needed.

Multi-layer Optical Strcutre Filters

The ALR screen effectively absorbs the useless ambient light to give you superior picture quality by using flexible PET as the base material and adopting a unique grid optical structure on the screen surface.

Ultra-Thin Frame

The WEMAX 100-inch ALR screen features a 0.39-inch ultra-narrow edge, giving the screen an even wider appearance allowing you to better immerse yourself in your favorite movies, shows, and video games.


Product name: WEMAX 100-inch Rollable Ultra-short ALR

ScreenModel: PSA01

Net Weight: 10.1kg

Product dimensions: 2234×1265×25mm

Outer packaging dimensions: 1519×226×134mm

What's in the box:

WEMAX 100-inch Rollable Ultra-short ALR Screen ×1;

Aluminum Frame ×3;

Installation kit ×1

Wemax 100-inch Rollable Ultra Short Throw CLR Fixed Frame Screen