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The 11 Best Memorial Day Activities For Your Family

This article is contributed by @Jos Boselli

For the last fifty years, Memorial Day has been the best holiday to celebrate former American soldiers throughout the country.

It takes place every year on the last monday of May, and in 2022 you can mark your calendar for May 30th.

Here are the 11 best activities to do on this special day with your family and your kids to honor the people who fought and fell for the United States:

1) Send a gift to the troops

Send a gift to the troops

You can write a nice thank-you letter, cook some biscuits, pack some treats and gift cards and send them to the American military base of your choice.

Many foundations and associations exist to help you dispatch your gift where you want in the country or overseas.

We recommend visiting Any SoldierHero Box or Gary Sinise Foundation to find the best lists of servicemen to whom you can send your package.

Moreover, you can donate all your expired coupons: the Overseas Coupon Program allows the soldiers to use them for an extra six month after the expiration date.

2) Decorate your house and clothes

Decorate your house and clothes

Show your patriotism to the whole neighborhood by decorating all your house using red, white and blue crafts and flowers, and by hanging an American flag on your entrance. Your kids will love drawing greetings and flag murals on your alley and sidewalk using tricolor chalks.

You can also make special clothes for this holiday, proudly displaying the colors of the national stars and stripes.

The more impressive your ornement will be, the better!

3) Eat outside

Eat outside

Memorial day also marks the beginning of the summer. Profit from the warmness of this special day to cook and eat outside.

Nothing’s best than a pizza, a barbecue or a good hamburger with the whole family.

To finish this meal, why not bake a red, white and blue cake and share it with your neighbors and friends?

4) Watch a movie

Watch a movie

After decorating your house and eating outside, you could watch a classic movie with the whole family, and the best part is that you can also do this outside!

With the Wemax Nova 4K video projector and its amazing light (2100 ANSI Lumens) and contrast (3000:1), parents and children can enjoy a movie projected on a portable screen or directly on the wall of your house: with its ultra-short throw range, the Wemax Nova’s image can be as big as 150 inches in diagonal.

Some great kid-friendly movies to watch during Memorial Day are: The Red Badge of CourageLincolnMax and Megan Leavey.

When the kids are asleep, the best movies on this theme are The Hurt Locker and Black Hawk Down.

5) Visit a cemetery

Visit a cemetery

A lot of national cemeteries exist in the country. A great idea for the weekend is to visit one of them to pay your respects.

You can also bring some american flags and plant them close to the graves to show your gratitude and appreciation to the resting soldiers.

If you’re looking for the most iconic place to which you can bring your flowers, we recommend the Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.

6) Listen to some patriotic music

Listen to some patriotic music

There are lots of great songs to listen to during the Memorial holidays. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here is a nice playlist.

What’s best, you can listen to these songs on your Wemax Nova 4K projector, thanks to its 30W Dolby & DTS audio setup and its easy to setup media sharing from your phone, tablet or PC through HDMI, USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi !

7) Take part in a parade

Take part in a parade

The town parades are a must-go to celebrate Memorial Day. The music and the ambiance will please the whole family.

You can click here to find a parade nearby, then stand, chant, applaud the fanfare as you watch the march of the soldiers and Veterans groups.

8) Make a donation to the Veterans

Make a donation to the Veterans

Speaking of the Veterans, it’s the perfect moment to honor the former servicemen and women that are still alive.

It’s possible to send letters and gifts to Veterans through associations like Operation Gratitude or A Million Thanks.

You can also donate your time or some money to the Department of Veterans Affairs. More information can be found on their website.

9) Watch the Memorial Day concert on TV

Watch the Memorial Day concert on TV

Every year, a big Memorial Day concert is aired on the PBS channel.

The next occurrence is scheduled for Sunday, May 29th, 2022 at at 8:00 P.M. E.T. You can see the full schedule and casting on the concert’s website.

If you have a Wemax Nova video-projector, you can enjoy this concert with an amazing 4K resolution and hear it with its 30W, room-filling sound system.

10) Call a loved one

Call a loved one

If you know anyone who has served in the military, someone who is still serving, or the family of a former serviceman or woman, call them or send them a message to show that they are nor forgotten.

Solidarity is the main idea during this day, and even if you don’t know anyone close to the US Armed Forces, you can call any person that is important to you, especially the people who are older or suffer from loneliness.

Tell them that you care about them and wish them a happy holiday.

11) Observe a minute of silence

Observe a minute of silence

Finally, to bring the necessary amount of solemnity to this special day, you can have a minute of silence at 3.00 PM.

Adults and children can join the worship by closing their eyes and crossing their hands, while thinking about the soldiers who have defended the country.


The best way to enjoy Memorial Day is to celebrate the country’s history, honor its fighters, and have a great time with your family.

Your kids will enjoy drawing American flags, crafting ornaments and playing outdoors.

It’s also the perfect time to send your help to the soldiers and Veterans who are still alive, and visit the ones who have fallen in combat.

Finally, there are a lot of parades to attend, as well as live shows, concerts, movies and songs to play from the comfort of your living room or your garden.

Have a great Memorial Day!

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